LOVE SHACK Minimalist Glamping Tent

The Love Shack is our petite minimalist glamping tent (perfect for two people) that includes air conditioning for nighttime cooling, queen size bed, wifi, private deck, outdoor shower, mini frig, microwave, coffee maker, Alexa, phone chargers, boat dock and pavilion access – great places to hang out!, peace, tranquility and relaxation!

Private deck includes outdoor hot water shower, misters (for when it is hot outside) and seating. Deck has curtains to draw for more privacy – becoming a giant outdoor room! Portable private restroom just a few feet from the deck.

Sit on the deck at night as you watch the sun set over the lake! The sounds of nature put you to sleep at night and wake you in the morning.




$90-$135/night accommodates 2 people

plus 6% hotel tax and one-time $60 cleaning fee



Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is glamping?

A: Glamping is an experience – it is about being with nature. It is about sitting under the stars at night – hearing the sounds of nature as you doze off, and when you wake up. It is sitting on the porch in the morning with a cup of coffee, next to someone you love, zoning out to nature. It is sitting with friends around the fire pit at night – under the stars – telling stories and making memories before you retire to your air conditioned room with all the comforts. There are many forms of glamping – from vintage campers to tipis – we chose a safari tent as we like the softness of the structure, and the closeness to nature.

Q: Is it air conditioned?

A: The Love Shack has an air conditioner that keeps you cool at night. It can still be warm inside on 100+ degree days – we suggest opening the windows and enjoying the misters on the deck. The Love Shack also has a queen bed, mini fridge, microwave and coffee maker.

Q: Is there a lake?

A: Yes, we are on Lake Travis – you have access to the lake and to our boat dock.

Q: Is there a bathroom and shower?

A: Yes, we have a eco friendly bathroom – that utilizes a portable toilet, and instant on hot water for your shower. The bathroom is located just a few steps from the tent. (The bathroom is clean and nice, but it is not the reason our guests visit!)

Q: Are there bugs?

A: We use an herbicide and spray around the elevated deck frequently. We also have done a pretty good job of sealing up the tent. But, most people leave the front open on beautiful days – bugs can fly in – kind of like sitting on a porch.

Q: Can I lock the doors?

A: We don’t have doors to lock, we have a front that you can zipper (and secure) closed. Although we have not had any issues, we recommend not leaving valuables in the tent when you leave.

Q: Is there room for more than two?

A: The Love Shack fits a queen mattress on a platform frame – not much room for more people!

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